2021 National Duals Pools and Schedules

2021 National Duals Pools & Schedule

The NHSCA is proud to host the 2021 National Duals, the largest and competitive duals event in the country.  

Follow the links below to view Day 1 & Day 2 Pools and Schedules. The NHSCA event staff reserves the right to change  the pools & schedules as necessary. 

Day 1 Pools & Schedules

  • Day 1 pool placements are a reflection of seeding information provided by the deadline (May 15th) while ensuring the separation of like teams/clubs
  • Day 2 pools are determined by Day 1 results
  • Day 3 Championship Brackets will be redrawn to reflect Day 1 and Day 2 results, the separation of like teams/clubs and teams that have already competed during the event

Day 2 Pools & Schedules